Need Help Whole Magenta Block Missing Nozzle Check vj1204...


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Hi All - I need a little guidance please. I installed a brand new oem printhead in my 1204 a week ago (maintenance station oem about 3 weeks ago). Since installing the head, I haven't printed a ton but enough to keep things moving and it has performed very well. Today however, as I was printing labels for a client, the colors changed mid-print (proper color on left) and I discovered that there was an issue with magenta. Ran a nozzle check and all blocks that printed were perfect however an entire block of magenta was missing. What's the most likely cause please?

Thanks a ton for your help!


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Did you change the dampers along with the new head? So you see any air bubbles in the ink lines? A good way to test it out is to swap the two magenta damper positions and see if the issue moves or stays the same. That isolates where the issue might be happening.


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Thank you both... Awesome advice! There WERE air bubbles... I changed out the dampers with new ones, did normal cleaning, now no more bubbles and magenta block is back! Whoo-hoo! We'll see if it holds but for now, things look good. Hopefully no leaks anywhere else...