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wholesale printing on 1105/1360 lam suggestions


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Falling behind on printing and looking for recommendations for someone who can print on Avery 1105 and laminate with 1360.
I have used we print wraps but their price has went up. Just wondering if there is anyone closer to the $3 a sq ft mark.


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Yeah, Avery & 3M products have all gone up 5-7% each year for the past 3-5 years. All expenses are rising due to a good economy and inflation. It's a good time for everyone in the industry to raise their retail prices.
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Not sure what you're running for printer but maybe look into the Epson S60600. It's dual head and blazing fast and very cost effective as far as pricing goes. Might allow you to keep up without outsourcing.


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This is the second time in 5 years I have needed to outsource so I do not see a need to change my printer at this point. The main reason I am behind is not the printer but rather the fact that I am a 1 man show...........


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We don't stock this material, but could bring it in if you wanted a full roll's worth. Is this something you would like to discuss? (Please send an email to support@firesprint.com with the details for a more timely response).