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I think the quality of Orbus is better than Creative, but Creative has better prices.

+1. Creative Banner has some decent things and some okay pricing, but we've had extremely bad luck with the quality of their products, mostly their retractable banner stands.... Telescoping poles that won't stay locked up, regular poles with frayed/broken bungees, top clips that hold the top bar to the pole that are either broken or break while in use (had one break and the banner snapped down and hit the customer in the head), stands not coming pre-tensioned enough, etc.. We've quit ordering just about everything from them, I don't trust it, just too many problems.

Orbus on the other hand, is sometimes a little bit pricier (not much) but so far everything we've gotten has been extremely high quality.


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We use strictly Expolin products. Yes they cost more, but for trade shows or for high traffic passerby's, these products will withstand the punishment.

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Ok, I got some research to do, I have Orbus, Creative Banner, Expolin, does anyone use a wholesaler in California?


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These guys are in San Diego also maybe they can help.