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Why isn't this Arial Black?


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I thought I had this figured out and even went onto rebuilding the rest, but then I noticed the differences in the tip of the 't' and when I overlay it in wireframe it doesn't match up on a quite a few spots.

Then I went in and started manually editing each character, but this will be used in very large (for us) graphics, so I figured we better just nail down the font.

Thanks in advance!


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Thsi is definitely a version of either Helvetica or Swiss

Check your Swiss 721 Bold italic in Corel


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Wow, all I did was refresh my browser and there was a reply.

All of my helvetica's seemed to be too skinny. The Swiss brings me a step closer, but the 'r' characters dont drop down on the tips of the r. Wow that doesn't make any sense, does it? Should I just manually stretch out the r a little further?


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i got it as SBF-HOO4 font.....ZURIK OR UNIVERSAL BLACK, need to square up the t and tilt and you got it

Fred Weiss

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The font is Helvetica Neue 83 Heavy Extended Oblique. Because of the extremely good legibility of the Helvetica family it was widely adopted for a variety of standardized uses. As a result, every major foundry created their own slightly different versions.

Agfa = Triumvirate
Monotype = Arial
Bitstream = Swiss
Linotype = Helvetica


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Thanks for the prompt and informative replies. I modified a swiss I had to bring it a little bit closer to their original. I'm due at their site in a half hour to show them what I came up with which I'm sure will meet their needs.

Thanks again!