Why Yard Signs Work!


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I'm a huge fan of yard signs. In fact, we print thousands of them monthly for small businesses all over the country because I know they work so well! In my experience , I have found four main reasons as to why yard signs work so consistently well for most small, service based businesses:

  1. They are seen
    Yard signs placed on street corners are the most cost effective way to get steady flow of eyeballs looking at your message. If you look up traffic studies in your city, you might be surprised at how many people actually drive through an intersection on a given day. A $2 yard sign can easily be seen by tens of thousands before it is taken down.
  2. They encourage a response
    Yard signs blow away. They are picked up by the city or helpful citizens, and they are run over by mowers and plow trucks. Although this seems like a problem, it’s also one of the corner campaigner’s greatest weapons. Not only are you expecting them to vanish, but your customers are too! Your customers will be inclined to call now, store the number for later, or in some cases even take the sign. The signs are the call to action!
  3. Good Value
    Well thought up yard signs can generate the perception of a phenomenal value. Clearance sales, garage sales and auctions all use yard signs. These are places to find a steal! Using yard signs for your service business can play on this perception. There is a fine line between cheap and tacky, and a well designed, well placed yard sign.
  4. Word of Mouth
    A yard sign in the neighbor's yard for a contractor, landscaper or other service might say your neighbor has already done the hard work of finding the best service at the right price. We all know word of mouth advertising is arguably the best form. Capitalize on it just a little more with a lawn sign.
Just my thoughts on the matter. I realize yard signs are controversial, but they work well for many businesses.

on the contrary, there is an ugly man who stands on the corner of my road holding a "mattress sale" sign for a local retailer. I will never EVER step foot in the establishment solely because their advertising is an eyesore to my community. I would rather pay someone else more money for the same product.