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Will FlexiSign Pro 8 be a stand alone solution for Edge printing?

Dale Horn

New Member
Haven't seen a post here in awhile.

Sometimes I wonder if Scanvec Amiable sees the Edge as a dying technology and will improve FlexiSign 8 to the point where it could be a stand alone solution to driving Gerber's Edge. Even though Edge owners invest alot of $ in their systems they are still juggling between several separate softwares to quote, design, vectorize, and produce saleable products. As much as Omega drives them crazy they still end up defaulting to it for production.

What's your thoughts on this.

dennis j

New Member

We are using Flexi 7.5 for almost all of our Edge work still a few things that need some tweeking but all in all works pretty good with Edge. :smile:

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I think they need to adopt the Gerber strategy of

1. Assigning vectors as cut on or cut off

2. Assigning foil color and vinyl to the same object

3. Provide for assigning halftones to individual objects

The problem I have is that I don't want to relearn Edge setup to the extent that Flexi requires me to do so. Even though it is superior in many ways, it is too different to take on the way it is for this old boy.

dennis j

New Member
I agree with you Fred Flexi has a lot of strong points but the three that you have listed would make for a better software package. I have learned to make Flexi work with the Edge but wasted a lot of material in the process.