Windows 7 sp300v driver issues


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Just bought a new laptop with Win 7. Having issues installing the usb driver for Roland SP300-V. Win 7 is Home Premium and I understand driver may only work with Win 7 PRO. Thanks for any help.


Do you have the option to take the laptop back and get one with PRO on it? I know Best Buy took away their restocking fees and all and Walmart doesn't have any also if one of those places is where you got it at.


Mine works on 32bit Home Premium...... It wasn't easy to get it working however. I can't recall what I did to get it going in the end, but persevere with it a bit and see what happens.

Try uninstalling/reinstalling the driver and make sure you set up the port correctly


by port, I mean the usb port. Mine is on USB008 Virtual Printer port for USB. It might be worth also checking the printer in each of your usb's once it is installed and see if it is recognised