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hi all thanks for the great site. I am running rastor link pro II , fine cut 7 on a mimaki jv3. I recently updated w/ new computer; windows 7. Not sure where to start, have gotten different info from supplier and manufacturer. Anyone running windows 7???? thanks


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You will need RasterLink 5 to run on windows 7. If you have a serial key then you can download it from their site and install it. If you have a dongle or the bundle version your out of luck. You'll have to use version 4 on an XP machine.


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No idea on trying to run it on a virtual machine session. Personally I'd not try it myself as you do not want a "buggy" or otherwise rigged setup for business critical things. Also versus downloading drivers from some third party site I'd suggest downloading them directly from Mimaki.

Not saying they are (and they are probably just fine) but who knows if someone has tampered with files from 3rd party sites. If you can get something directly from the manufacturer it just seems prudent to do so.

Not really sure what version the driver at the other site is but the newest 3.0 one from Mimaki also supports 64 bit operating systems if the copy of Windows 7 you will be using is 64 bit that will be mandatory.