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Windows "Suitcase" Program

williamson design

New Member
I'll throw this question in here, even though im not asking for a font ID.

Mac has suitcase, (or at least they did a while back) to control fonts and be able to make them available or not while working on a project.

Is there a similar program for the PC, I am wating too long for Illustrator to load going through the bazillion fonts I have in my Fonts folder.




New Member
Extensis Suitcase is available in both Mac and PC. There are others, including the one bundled with Corel (Bitstream) and one from Letterheadfonts.com.


New Member
As Chris mentioned above, I use the Bitstream Font Navigator that comes bundled with CorelDRAW; works OK for me :) Used to use Suitcase on the Mac too. :)