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Windows XP security update and Flexi 7.5v5


New Member
I'm hoping someone here can help. XP just downloaded security patch (KB869422) and since, I can't use the advanced tab in flexi when ripping and printing a job. I get the error.....'An unknown failure has occured, It is recommended that you restart the application'. It shuts down and you have to restart. I've cleared preferences, rebooted, everything short of reinstalling. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks everyone in advance!


New Member
First of all uninstall that update. Then go to microsoft's website and look to see if there is any issues concerning this update.

Color Dude

New Member

Email me and I can get you the patch to fix that error. Scanvec has a patch for that error you are describing, I bet the error occurs when you flip from the General tab to the Advance tab.