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Wingdings & Dingbats


New Member
Just curious as to why image fonts are called wingdings or dingbats, and if you wanted to use one, what is the best way to find it?


New Member
There are lots of wing dings and dingbats here in the links section under fonts/freeware. Every font has a discription written about it and the ones with wing dings etc. say wing dings or dingbats.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
If you're looking to know what the images look like you should use a font viewer like Typograf, Font Navigator or Font Thing. Or simply type out a full character set on a page in any word processor or illustration program, then with your wings and dins installed ant the text selected, change to each font and print the page.


New Member
There are actually some good images in those fonts that you would never guess. One day, a slow day, I sat down and typed every character on the keyboard (upper and lower case) then went through my entire font collection and replaced the characters with the graphic fonts and printed them out for reference. There are some great ones: geographic symbols, multiple MiniPics, Plants, media, food, animals. IF you have free time, I would suggest it.