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wireless on a jv3?


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has anyone ever set up a mimaki jv3 on wireless of some type or know of a longer firewire connection or hub to extend the length from the pc to the machine? i need about 15' or so.....


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I think you can add a hub, and then you can have 2x4.5 m.
I have seen this type setup, but don't know where to get it.
Comp USA? Radioshack?
As for wireless- I don't think I would trust it to be reliable enough even if I could make it work.


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I don't think wireless is a good idea even if it is possible. You are sending alot of data to that printer everytime you print and the connection between your pc and printer needs to be as reliable and as fast as possible which is why it is firewire and not anything else. The closer your printer is to your pc is also a huge plus for reliability as well!


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No wireless... can't do it and do not attempt. The Firewire hubs work sometimes, but not a good idea.

Best solution...Move your rip station to within about 10 ft of the printer.



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Agreed, rip computer near the computer is the way to go. I just have a cheap $40.00 Ikea rolling desk next to each of my machines.


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we tried the wireless, and yes it did work, but would drop a file here and there, so forgot that idea

we put in a hub and have two 15ft firewire, and works flawlessly, do problems whatsoever, mimaki and the dealer went against the theory due to signal drop in the power line of the firewire, but the hub plugs in for the signal boost and works great

Letterbox Mike

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We did the same as Wildside except with 2 10' cables, also against the recommendation of Mimaki and our dealer who both swore it would not work. A year and a half later not a single dropped connection, but a powered hub is a must.

I never understood why this printer didn't come with an ethernet port either, seemed kind of strange and would make connecting them alot easier!


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When the JV3 was new, I think 10 mb ethernet was all they had, USB was 1.1, not much better, where as firewire was (and still is) the fastest, except GB lan, which has just recently come out.
The Sp is just a souped up S, guess they didn't want to do too many modifications- If it works, dont f*** with it?
Even the new JV5 uses USB2, I don't think it has ethernet either.
Would make hooking them up easier though...