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Wow, What a Cool WebSite! ~I'm NEW at This!


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Alright, I'm totally new to this world! I'm great with computers and I'm excellent at sales - sooo.... here it is, I've just received my new plotter/cutter . . . but, darn, this software is unlike anything else I've ever used! ....It is going to take me longer to figure it out than I expected....which frustrates me as I'm ready to go out and make some sales but I'll do it with more confidence once I know exactly what I'm doing with the software....

.... ' new at this and kind'a anxious!

~Thanks, though, I was glad to see this website!


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:Welcome: from MI!!! This is a great group with alot of helpful people and theres a ton on Newbie answers all over the place!!!!
Newbie also!!


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Before moving to Florida, I thrived in selling real estate up in Iowa for 10 years. And prior to that I was in the banking industry for 10 years (Trust and investment division of banking).

. . . thanks for asking!


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yeah, this website is great... i've been on a few others, but i find the people here more friendly and helpful, and it's set up much better than others...

good luck!!



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Hi from Northwest Florida. Don't be afraid to ask software or plotter questions you might have (there are forums for various software packages and plotters, here, as you're probably already aware).

Good Luck.