Wrapping a Sprinter van


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I print wide format but I'm not very familiar with vehicle wrapping. I have a customer who bought an older model Sprinter van. The van is white and have some white vinyl logo decal on it (from previous company). Would it be more economical to wrap the entire van in either white or black or would it just be cheaper to repaint the entire van?

If wrapping, what material is best for this purpose? There would be no printing on the wrap material. It would just be a solid white or black. I would get a professional installer to apply the wrap.



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I'm guessing that it has a ghost from where the previous logos were. Instead of painting, they can try polishing and buffing the vehicle. A lot of times the ghost is from the graphics protecting the clear coat so it is glossy and the rest of the paint is a satin finish. Have them ask a detailer or body shop.