wrapping corners, hood, doors....


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found some more helpful videos(for me anyway).
i normally cut the corners and wrap them around just like they say not to. haven' had any issues yet but i will try this going forward looks like it will be better in the long run.
also looks like there are some other useful videos from arlon. isn't youtube great


another good way of doing those corners that we use is to use the pre-stretch technique (like you would use on wing mirrors) to get the vinyl to shrink around the corner; we leave around 50mm of the vinyl un-squeegeed from the corner, heat and stretch a little outward orver where the corner lies, then lay the cool, pre-stretched vinyl to the corner.
When you get to the edge you hold the vinyl slightly taught and while adding heat slowly guide the vinyl around the edge and underneath the corner, allowing the vinyl to relax around the corner as it shrinks back.

makes getting around the corner with no creases really easy, and as the vinyl has been relaxed around rather than stretched there should be no reason why the edge would fail/ release.

just my 2bob