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Write Port Error


New Member
I have received the same error. My plotter is connected via USB and my HP Laserjet 1600 is also connected via USB. If I have both printer and plotter turned on at the same time I get this error when I try to send a job to cut. If I turn off my HP Laserjet 1600 the problem goes away. I will assume the same error may occur with any printer connected via USB.

I have not had the chance to find out why this is as it just happened tonight. I will let you know if I find out anything else.

Gary/ Sign FX


New Member
Go to start, go to control panel, select printers and (assuming you're using a PC) select which printer you want as your default printer (this being your desktop printer). Then make sure that it is USB001 (in your properties for that printer). Then make sure you're plotter/ printer is marked as USB002. That way it doesn't get confused.

Hope that helps.


New Member
I'll try that, thanks flame. I guess you'll seen it before. Flexi told me that the upgrade to 7.6 would fix it, but it did it a little after again.