Wanted WTB Epson s30/S50/S70 accessories

Hello all!

I am in need of 2 (RC) Replacement Cartridges for an Epson S50670 or S70670! If you have/had an S50 or S70, there's a chance you might still have the RC Cartridges that came with the printer. These are the empty "place holder" cartridges that come with the machine. They would go into the machine if the printer is not configured to use the white/silver ink options. If you have a set sitting around collecting dust, I would pay a fair price + shipping to take them off your hands!

I am also looking for an unused copy of Onyx GamaPrint. This is the freebie version that comes with the printer. Many folks are already running PosterShop, etc and do not need the basic GamaPrint. For the right price, I would like to take it off your hands, as well!

I'm new here, so I apologize in an advance if I'm breaking any forum rules or what not. I'm not a vendor, and I'm not a "premium" user, but I am somewhat knowledgeable in the wideformat game and hope to help out here if I can.


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Don't you just insert a cleaning cartridge into the empty slots?
This is what we do on our S80600 and used to do on our old Roland as well.


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Yes, you can just insert a cleaning cartridge into those slots. We've never needed the silver ink so we just keep a cleaning cart in its spot.
Thanks for the input. I set it back to an 8 color machine in the service mode and it's asking for RC cartridges. They ship with every s70 or s50, but I dont think you can re-order them; not that I've been able to find, as of yet, anyway. I'm going to feel really dumb if I just needed to plug a cleaning cart in. (I feel like I did try this and it wouldn't let me!) I'm going to try to convert it back to 10 color and try again.

Otherwise, I'm going to set it back to 10 color, plug in a white and MS cart, and then clip the ink lines. Any Epson Gurus think this is a bad idea? The white is already plugged beyond recovery, so I'm guessing if I clip them and plug them it can't be much different.
You guys are my last hope! Any S50 or S70 owners still have the original "RC Cartridges"??

Otherwise, hit me up if you need spare parts for an S70...

Thanks for looking!