X5 giving me fits...


Just finished a large layout job and went to save it and the program crashed in the middle of the save. Of course, I go to open it again, and there is nothing there at all - on any of the pages. I have the auto-backup which I can work from if I can open that - but it's telling me that there is both an "invalid object" and "an error reading a bitmap" in the file. I can see all the bitmaps (photos, mostly) and graphics I've created on every page, but if I open the backup file, all the bitmaps that I need are gone. This has happened more than once on other files and I really can't rebuild what was done tonight without those bitmap files. I've tried importing the entire file into a new workspace and that didn't work, either.

I've never had a more buggy version of Corel than this one. I should have never upgraded from x3.... does anyone have any ideas to recover the file?