X6 and CutContour


Okay, I know this has been hashed to death - but the solutions provided in previous posts simply do not work for me.

Background - I've been using Coreldraw X3 for about 5 years and our shop just upgraded to X6 this year. Haven't had problems with the CutContour prior to this. EPS or PDF files always worked. We're using 4.6.0 of VersaWorks.

I've brought in the Roland Versaworks palette built into X6 as some others indicated that this is the only way to get it to work. Old CutContour paths from our X3 files wouldn't work. Exporting EPS files DOES work so I do have a workaround if I have to, but no matter what I do, saving the exact same file as a PDF does not register as a true CutContour in VW. I really prefer using PDF over EPS due to filesize difference.

Now I want to state that I HAVE been able to cut stuff with this same CutContour spot color I'm now having issues with. I haven't made changes (to my knowledge!) so I'm at a complete loss. There is something broken here but I don't know how to diagnose this as from what I can tell all the settings I have set up in both my PDF and EPS exports should be correct. I'm not converting spot colors to cmyk, and I've been using the default Prepress pdf setting which has always given me the best luck.

One of our other machines is running X6 and this works just fine - we tried comparing settings but from what we can tell they're the same.

I've attached photos of my pdf settings (which are just the prepress defaults so I shouldn't really need to do this), maybe there's one little check box I've missed. Anywhere else I should be looking?


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Yes, the stroke shows 100% CutContour Hairline . Even when I bring the pdf back into corel, the stroke is still the same. One thing I did notice was that in X3 it doesn't have the 100% in the name of the color. Bringing in that same pdf exported from X6 into X3 retains the 100%, however. I found that a bit odd, but dismissed it as a new "feature" in X6.

I've attached the files. The X6 file is the default roland versaworks palette, the other is in X3 from the old Roland swatches you had to download from their website - just to show the difference in naming. Hard for me to tell if this is unique to my situation or the way it should be.

Mike - you're right, I had changed it by accident when I was going through trying to diagnose today. I have up until today always saved as Native.


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