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XC-540 Not contour cutting properly


New Member
Our XC-540 is lifting the blade while cutting. Usually towards the center of the machine, never consistent. It will lift it and keep moving then drop it again and continue. It will cut part of the decal then have this issue. When cutting several decals it is never in the same spot.

I have restarted the printer and the computer, and cleaned the encoder strip. I tried to take a picture but it was tough to see anything. It isn't a pressure issue or blade problem, it is actually lifting the blade holder. Different files new or old didn't make a difference.

Got any ideas? Thank you in advance.


New Member
needs a cut carriage cable.
Thank you so much! I will get one of those ordered.

Now I have another XC-540 with a different problem. It won't cut at all, won't even test cut. It gives error code Internal Error 1210310. Any suggestions for that?

This is after I flipped the encoder strip I think we started seeing this problem.

Thank you so much for your time!