Yard Sign & Banner Design & Idea Guide *RFP


Trade Only Screen & Digital Sign Printing
So I have posted this a few places and might as well post it here to...

Sign Design & Idea Guide
We're looking for someone to put together an idea guide for yard signs and banners. The project will consist of creating a 12 or 16 page booklet with approximately 150 different ideas for 1-4 color yard signs and full color banners. Areas would include political signs, contractor signs, school support signs, church event signs and more.
Once the designs have been created and refined, they must be saved in an editable vector PDF format both with fonts and fonts converted to outlines for individual download. These files must be named and organized for easy retrieval.
After the creation of these templates, they will need to be put into a 12-16 page booklet format for printing. This format will need to match our existing catalog look and feel. Raw files will be provided.
To get you started on this project, we already have a couple dozen designs ready to be added to the guide.
If you are interested in completing this project, please submit a proposal and include the following:
• What qualifies you to design yard signs and banners?
• Provide some examples of your work in this field.
• What will your fees be to complete this project?
• When do you expect to complete this project?
• Your contact information.

By taking on this project, you guarantee that the artwork provided was created in whole by you. You also understand that once compensated, you will have no ownership over your artwork for this project. It will become our property. You may not redistribute the artwork in any way without our sole written permission.
Also, by bidding on this project, you understand that you will be compensated as a 1099 contractor. You will need to complete a W-9 if we accept your proposal. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf