yikes can anyone help?


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Printer outdoor 46".
Got the refurb kit from cmyk parts. Replaced everything and now in wond print a thing. I used the siringe to get the inks to the dampers they are full. Even when i try a cleaning cycle, nothing is coming out.
any suggestions?
thanks for the help...
Can you give a little more information? Was it printing before you changed the parts? What does it do? Power on? Go through the motions like it is printing?
Did you set the home position, head rank, etc. after changing all the parts?


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my printer stop printing 3 months again... and i give up on the printer..
Problem after problem, $10,000 down the drain.


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i had the same problem after changing the maintenance station parts. i had to soak the print heads with a lint free rag soaked with cleaning fluid, pull ink thru the supply lines to the dampers, change the dampers and o rings, pull ink thru capping station. all this with the assitance of some good folks on this board and it finally came all the way back. good luck ... it took me almost a week to get it back. with ordering the o rings, and dampers after the capping station etc....


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Thanks for the help everybody. I used the syringe and pulled it through the pump. I appreciate all the help as usual.. Thank you