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Your opinion on vintage Ioline

Larry G

New Member
Due to a partnership splitting up, I need some input on used equipment. I did find an old legal 6.6 version of LXI's Master plus with driver updates for windows XP which is what we had in our shop.We also had a VE panther. I have not cut with anything but the panther so I'm being a little carefull not to jump right in and buy the first thing that comes along. Some of the Ioline and graphtec models have caught my eye. Has any one had experience with the IS/60 smart track, the classic, or the studio 8. I also like the graphtec fc 5100. I'm not going to spend $5000 on a cutter and would rather buy a good used high end cutter than a cheap new one, at least till I get my customer base built back up. Thanks in advance--------Larry
The Classic is one hell of a machine! As a matter oif fact, all Iolines are. The FC-5100's were not slouches either. With either brand, you are not getting hurt.

Why are you worried about having to spend $5000? A good quality 24" machine can easily be had for less than $2000 - new.