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yposition alarm FC7000-75

Can anyone tell me what to do, I was cutting some vinyl late last night early this morning, and I screwed up the graphics for the 3rd time for a boat that has to be done today, and when I moved the cutting head out of the way I assume that I pushed it over to hard? Now it is at the right side of theplotter and when I turn it on a set the setting for rear set it gives me a YPOSITION alarm. I can not find anywhere in the manual what to do. Can you tell me what I shall do? Thanks people!:U Rock:
ALSO anyone thinking about buying a Graphtec plotter from SignWarehouse should know that according to one of their cutter techs Signwarehouse "XXXXXX XXXXX- Cutter Tech/Tech Dispatch: We are just a reseller for Graphtec USA. They handle their own support and repairs for this machine." so if support is a concern keep this in mind when purchasing equipment.


New Member
Graphtech Support

We provide a first level of support to all of our Graphtec customers. This means if you need help installing software, setting the equipment up and establish communication, we handle all of that. If you experience a hardware failure, need parts or a replacement, we HAVE to refer you to the manufacturer for extended support. Graphtec technicians will determine if it needs to be repaired or if we (SW) need to replace the machine. This is pretty much a standard for all of the resellers that I am aware of, but there are changes on the horizon.

As always, you know you can always contact me for help. Have a great one!


Mike Akard
Technical Services Manager
Thanks Mike, I was also told somewhere else that Graphtec wants to be in charge of all tech related aspects but their website says to contact your dealer that sold you the machine first. I know I can call you Mike but I do not want to be another thorn in your side which I am sure you still have a mark from the last time.
Thanks Mike