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  1. combine image rip

    What is the supplied RIP? There may be a way to do it.
  2. Need Help Reproduction Glass/Acrylic panel - how to reproduce

    We do this stuff all the time, I run digital prints on glass / crylic / polycarb on my mimaki flatbed. And coworker does screen printing on the same. We do alot of airplane parts and reproduce old pinball / arcade glass. Ikarasu is dead on accurate. When backlighting any of these you need to do...
  3. Anyone know what Font this is?

    Here is a thread that goes into this. https://www.signs101.com/threads/name-this-fire-truck-font-any-ideas.156993/ ITCSymbolStd-Bold and Fire Ladder 12 were stated to be used as a close enough replacement.
  4. Illustrator Default Symbols Location?

    Bring your symbol window up. Make your symbols. In symbol window hit the + to save it as a symbol. Save your symbols, bot left of symbols window hit the books and hit save symbols. Save it in the default symbol folder To open hit those books again in the lower left, hit User Defined, and choose...
  5. PCB Board Fuse

    Looking to see if anyone somewhere might have that little fuse in the F5 slot. Boards and fuses seem to be on a few week backorder which is no bueno for us. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. This came off a Mimaki JFX200-2513, when I looked up the part number Roland came up as...
  6. icc for truevis sg2-300 needed please

    https://rolandprofilecenter.us/media-library.php?printer_manufacturer=81&printer_model=616&printer_inktype=191&printer_inksetup=1&rip_manufacturer=-1&rip_version=-1&media_manufacturer=-1&media_name=-1&profile_status=-1 This one states that it is SG2-300
  7. icc for truevis sg2-300 needed please

    https://rolandprofilecenter.us/media-library.php?printer_manufacturer=81&printer_model=442&printer_inktype=-1&printer_inksetup=-1&rip_manufacturer=-1&rip_version=-1&media_manufacturer=-1&media_name=-1&profile_status=-1 Other than that, you will need to be A LOT more specific.
  8. Sudden charge shows up from EON MEDIA LLC for $5

    I'll bite.... HOW!?!
  9. Best adhesive to attach polycarbonate sheets to PVC fence

    I see your point. My apologies, since your answer was just "screws" and not as explained as above, seemed like you did not read the OP.
  10. Best adhesive to attach polycarbonate sheets to PVC fence

    He clearly stated he wished not to use hardware.
  11. Best adhesive to attach polycarbonate sheets to PVC fence

    Just a thought, since I have seen it before, and the fence is slated. Could you weave the poly in-between the fences? Kind of like this, I know it's a chain link below but I would maybe think concept could be the same?
  12. Is my pricing too high for printed vinyl?

    A great example of this, and a great example of revenge is the story of the Strowger Switch, or the automatic telephone switch. "Strowger, an undertaker, was motivated to invent an automatic telephone exchange after having difficulties with the local telephone operators, one of whom was the...
  13. Caddy van template

    Why not just make your own? Grab a big piece of paper, trace your window, scan it in trace it in Illustrator. Boom, template.
  14. Font ID Please.

    Otherwise if you want close enough with the flourishes you could do tavern black.