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  • Hi Ellen,
    I completely forgot to call you and leave my number. I'm so sorry. My number is 425-232-9986. Best time to call me is after 3pm. The heat press is working great and I really appreciate the use of it!

    Thanks again,
    We made an initial offer, but unfortuately the terms were not accepted. It went back and forth a few times but we came to an informal agreement the week before last.

    Meeting with our attorney again in the morning to formalize.

    I've already begun tearing out areas for it, and building shelves, slatwall, fixtures etc.

    So...for all intents and purposes we own an trophy and awards shop, but no money exchanged yet and no written agreement.

    She's going to work for us (for training purposes) for a period not to exceed 60 days at an hourly rate, which has been agreed upon.

    We're also in the process of modifying our Corporate name to include the words "Awards 'n More"

    Thanks for being interested. I'd like to have you and the Rep down after the first of the year if you'd like. Maybe show us what we're doing good and what mistakes we're making. Have a few cocktails on our deck maybe and laugh about why, just why, we're both in this crazy business.

    Hi Ellen,
    Just wanted to thank you again for helping me. We are going to tender an offer this week. Maybe we'll end up owning an awards and engraving business.

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