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  • Here's the link on our website. There are all vinyl. THe local RR Historical Society provided me with accurately scaled DXF files which I converter to Illy and cut. Installed
    all my myself. The only incident was my ladders and pic were into the next track which was active and a train came though. It was a scramble to break everything down and off the track. Fortunately, the engineer spotted me a long ways off and took his time getting there.
    Actually, I've never attempted to print without PosterJet. My original version was Mac native and my 5000 wasn't postscript so I couldn't print vector files without a RIP. I ran that on my Powerbook for years.
    Now I'm stuck running Parallels>Windows Xp on my MacPro. It works fine, just a PITA for us Mac Heads. All things considered though, I've had next to no color issues so I've not messed with any color settings in PJ. Having said that, I've had nothing to compare my colors to either.
    I am a new user of this site, and I noticed that you use Posterjet software. I have a question for you:
    We have the software installed, but when we print to our printers (HP5000ps and HP Z6100ps) directly, we have much more vibrant, true colors, than when we print through the Posterjet RIP software.
    Have you experienced this, and do you know if there is a fix?
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