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  • Mutoh RJ900 Problem just print sizes of 60 cms
    Hi all, I recently bought a mainboard for my Mutoh RJ900C (108 cms), the printer starts, initializes, including prints very well,
    the problem is that only prints on paper of 60 cm, if I install a roll of 100 cms, the machine trying to detect the size, but the car just reaches the center of the plotter returns to the Maintenance Station, and the panel displays "Undefined Paper".
    I reload the firmware version 1.06, from the panel menu, I print the "Setup List", and the information that prints says: "name RJ901C" I know the only RJ901C printed up to 60 cms.
    To confirm that the mainboard is exclusively sold me for Mutoh RJ901C, I connect via USB to my PC computer, the PC recognizes a new device, and the PC screen shows "Found New Hardware Mutoh RJ901C".
    Now the company that sold me the mainboard tells me the wrong way I installed the firmware, and the seller does not want to change-
    Good Day!

    my friend has this mutoh valuejet 1604 and he is keep on complaining about the print, when i tried to check his printer and the prints you can see that it has a lot of white dots first i thought that it was only cause by the media they are using but even if you replace it with new media sticker or tarpauline still the same problem the small white dots are still there.. I noticed also that the machine doesn't have wiper blade, is this may be the caused?
    sir i have problem in my mutoh valuejet 1604, when i tried to print an image it has bonding, but if we tried the nozzle check all heads are ok.. what is the possible cause of this probelm? please help us
    hi compilla
    i have problem at the machine value jet 1604 W1 , an error called "E080ERR JUNCTION".
    i was print very good and i switch off the machine , when i switch on the machine about 5 hours , it's give me an this error , i cleaned the rail by graisse and i cleaned the rastrer , and i checked the main board and controller board and junction board without result.
    ps: when i switch n the machine about 5 hours or higher the machine it's initailized and cleaned and about 1 mintute it's give this error , after when iswitch off and on the machine it's give me the error about 8secnd after intialized.
    ps: i have sublimation value jet 1604 W1
    please help me.
    Hello I have one mutoh outdoor falcon jr, and recently I had a problem, not print the heads, not color, not black, I change fuse 1 and fuse 2, the machine work very well, but to the week does not print the color head, anybody can help me, it can be problem of mainboard, and if it is thus, somebody knows like repairing it, the inks arrives at dampers, and capping station clean, even fills the waste bottle, the inks arrives perfectly at the heads, apparently does not arrive voltage at the top from color
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