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    I raise my ugly head again in your world. I have gotten my seiki 870t working after downloading all my stuff and the new license i bought. Everything was working at my office then moved it to another location. Yes it inherited a demon on the ride and now won't cut correctly. I was having the same problem then i went to the language in cocut. i thought i designated this to english to solve the problem. i have tired that but to no avail. Hate being helpless. Help please if this makes sense.
    hello jim me again ..

    I did what you said and got myself 65 blades, am i missing somthing well apart from my brain.
    Do you print then cut, then over alminate then cut again?

    Or is it that im a sandwich short of a picnic.

    What seems to be happening iwhen i set my pressure on the blade (5) and it cuts to fine so i try (6) and again cuts to fine i try 6 and a bit it starts to cut nicely but leaves parts then scratchs the the vinyl to move on to the next test shape.

    Could it be that the roller has score marks and when the blade puts pressure on the vinyl instead of cutting the vinyl dips?

    Or is it that i should keep fiddling with the pressure screw ie relinement the manul setup.

    Thank you for your time do feel free to throw somthing in about your self. My names Jon-Paul and im from just outside London lol
    Jim just tried calling you about this issue with Flexi,,,,,if ya can call me back..not sure if Ron understands my issue.
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