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  • jim, you might think i am crazy.
    the problem with this roland seems funny

    remember AMW's brand new hp latex, blowing breakers?
    he spent thousands before we got him sorted out.i knew he was wasting money

    netherlands is 220v 50hz
    this stuff can be a little cranky, i would like to see if machine shuts down, plugged into a 5 port switch.
    Do you have an email I can send you pics to ive adjusted the print bias already but I don’t know why it’s printing like this
    So I was looking for a solution to why my sp300v stopped printing blue and black. The printer had been sitting for a while after it stopped so we decided to refresh everything, new cap tops, ribbon cables, print heads, etc however sit still won’t print blue or black.
    I swapped the ribbons from the magenta and yellow head and it works fine ruling out a bad printheads. After digging some more I found it may be a blown main board fuse, but I can’t find any pictures of the fuse in question or where it would be located
    Hi Jim,
    I have read that you can walk someone through some printer issues. Well, I have a few questions whenever you are available to chat. Thanks, Kat
    Jim I tried the solvent cleaning by clipping the lines and nothing. Can you walk me over the phone how to adjust the heads I am in the initializing section and see the option but haven't a clue what to put. 305 905 3999 Martin
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