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Jon Aston
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  • hi! sorry about that. i didn't realize that my email was set to private. hehe.

    thanks for accepting my 'friend invitation' i've been lurking at the forums a bit and appreciated your posts, so i just added you directly to make it a lot easier for me to see your posts.

    Your last comment in your font thread made me think you needed a friendly "HI". So here it is, your very own especially friendly "Hi" from the signgal :) Have a great day knowing you are appreciated and valued!
    Hi Jon,
    Thank you for the invitation to be friends! Wow, this is like first grade,I have a friend! :clapping: Never done this before with a group, so we'll see what happens here. Anyhow Jon, looks like you have all kinds of friends here and you also provide a wealth of information. Glad to be your friend!
    Kind regards,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me today. I really enjoyed hearing your ideas. -Charlie
    Jon, I just wanted to say thanks for all the informational post you do. I enjoy looking at the work of others and the marketing of others. So thanks for getting this links and tutorials easy to obtain.

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