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  1. Random Missing Open Type fonts in Windows 7

    So after upgrading to a newer (for me) computer with windows 7, I'm having an issue similar to 2012 when the Windows update made some open type font inaccessable in Corel but they are still in the fonts folder. I looked up the old info regarding the update and removing it, & found that I had the...
  2. Corel Draw and Windows 10

    For those who are on Windows 10 O/S, which version of Corel the least problematic? Finally upgrading some older computers in the shop, am I correct that you have to be on X7 or higher?
  3. Veloster Windshield Curve (Bottom)

    The most practical method
  4. Vector illustration/t-shirt design

    Thanks for the compliments guys! To answer some questions... Signage - yes, all 100% vector RJSsigns - best way I've found is to draw the rear-most objects first and work your way to the front. Saves time in having to re-order elements. Uncle Bun - The 3D bevel in the Lead East logo was done...
  5. Vector illustration/t-shirt design

    It's that time of year again... All vector in Corel
  6. Intimidated by new competition

    HA ha - I thought the same thing!
  7. App tape on wrap graphics?

    Thanks for the input, guys! Seemed to make no sense to me-didn't realize it was a common occurrence. Upon calling the supplier about another issue, I questioned this and was told "That's how the company these are for requested they be done". Guess I'll have to them them how to do their job if I...
  8. App tape on wrap graphics?

    I have a repair project for a body shop to just install a couple of supplied full size wrap panels. When the customer dropped off the vehicle & the graphics, the first thing I notice is they are all app taped. Usually I wouldn't set up jobs I do in house this way, so I'm wondering how many (if...
  9. Mounting acrylic to brick wall options

    I have a project where I need to mount a routed shape (in this case a paw print about 15" x 14") to a brick wall. The obvious choice is to drill into the brick but was wondering if there is an adhesive solution that would be durable long term.
  10. Does Fellers short everybody on small orders of "vinyl by the yard"?

    I don't order by the yard that often, but when I have, it's either the correct length or over.
  11. Props to Fellers

    Had some headstrikes that caused me to run short of vinyl on a job, so had to order more later in the day than I would usually order supplies. The vinyl I needed wasn't available in a location that would still ship that day, I was told, but it would ship the next day (Thurs.) and I'd have it...
  12. K Chez

    Comment by 'K Chez' in media 'Badwrap'

    Uggh! So bad!
  13. Bailey Shirt BACK

    Bailey Shirt BACK

  14. Lead East Shirt 2018 FINAL

    Lead East Shirt 2018 FINAL

  15. Vector illustrations for t-Shirt designs

    UncleBun - Thanks! Yes, those customers are few and far between with your regular sign/t-shirt shop customer base. Being tapped into the market for corporate/ad agency/illustration type projects would probably be a more accepting clientele for this type of work. I pushed my business more for...