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  1. Mimaki JV33 Crash

    Just updating an old post with new information. If you're using wasatch softrip (it may apply to others as well). The printer has a tendancy to change the USB designation. Where the RIP is looking for USB-1, the printer may have changed itself to USB-2 or USB-3. If you update the USB# in the...
  2. Can't seem to find a match for this one.

    That's the one! Thanks guys.
  3. JV33 printing out of register

    I learned to live with it, but when I had to replace my mainboard, the issue went away.
  4. Can't seem to find a match for this one.

    WTF is no help. Casual Crew Bold is similar, but different. Is anybody able to identify this one for me? It might be width condensed which is making it difficult to find a match.
  5. Aftermarket capping stations

    Has anybody tried the aftermarket capping stations for a JV33 (or similar) like the ving parts? Any issues with them? They seem to be a very nicely priced alternative to the mimaki version.
  6. JV33 main board replacement

    OK so Mimaki was nice enough to provide the parameters file, but they said they were originally loaded onto firmware version 1.6 and that I should load that first. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of 1.6. The oldest I have is 1.8 which they said wasn't ideal but could be used in a pinch. Does...
  7. JV33 main board replacement

    Yeah I could definitely use some parts. My Y-axis movement has started to make some noise during printing, so I could be in the market for the y-axis motor and some of the pullys, but it would be dependent on how old the parts are. That would be in addition to a mainboard. Let me know what...
  8. JV33 main board replacement

    No I haven't, but as I discovered while researching online that while many things on the board can be repaired, nobody seemed to have a solution for a cooked USB chip which seems to be my issue. So the people that did go the repair route didn't always get a board back that was fully functional...
  9. JV33 main board replacement

    Thank you very much for your reply. I've found all the necessary tools and firmware versions online. Google's frickin amazing! Where would I find the procedure to tell the printer it has ink in it? It isn't listed in the main board replacement section of the maintenance manual. Since I can't...
  10. JV33 main board replacement

    So it would appear that my main board is toasted. Has anybody replaced one on their own? Mimaki (or my dealer's service department) is telling me that the settings cannot be updated through the front panel and will require a tech to update the settings from their backup after the board is...
  11. JV33 main board question

    Does anybody have any idea what red leds mean on a jv33 main pcb? I have not been able to make a USB connection with my rip and have managed to figure out it may be my main board that may have been cooked when the power went out here. I have leds 1, 2 and 3 by the USB chip that are lit red and...
  12. Vinyl darkening with age?

    Would doubling up on the lamination help decrease this effect? Assuming it's from the UV light.
  13. Vinyl darkening with age?

    Has anybody ever seen this before? The white portions are darkening as it ages. Sign is a about 7 years old, the colors are still good, but the underlying vinyl has gone dark. Sign was printed on 3M 180CV2 and laminated with the matching cast gloss lam and then mounted to an alumabond sheet..
  14. Warning Label Decals

    Yeah that's the stuff. Too bad it's not digitally printable. Anyhow, I've found a place that's providing me with an estimate. Thanks everybody!
  15. Warning Label Decals

    Not just a cast high tack. It has to be destructible so when you hit it with a pressure washer you'll only ever remove just little bits of the edge. You know those stickers that leave you cussing like a sailor trying to remove them? That's what I need.