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  • Hello.. I have been trying to reach someone regarding a UV coater you have for sale. Have you received emails regarding the Neschen uv 60
    Hi Barry,

    Sorry I did not get back to you earlier, I was out west for 4 months, back now...

    We have offered your laminator out a fair bit, but nothing solid, want to lower the asking price?

    Just for the record...Etis number, 416-876-5246.

    Back here now, talk to you soon!

    Hi one wants my laminator :( sob. thats not why I am

    Could you give me ettie's number again, I need to get a new capping station installed.


    Hey Barry,

    After we spoke I read your posting we were talking about. Not that I would advertise this, but my business format has me laying out money at least 3/4 of the times before I get more than a 15% deposit. It is so possible for things to go wrong. When I ran a bar, I paid off a few regulars debts when they had dealers show up with bats and such. I knew I would never be paid off. What you do with your money is your own business. I think that Fred should lock that thread myself, but its a sad thing as your posting was meant to educate, at your own expense, and not belittle anyone.

    BTW, I know a few

    Hi Craig, I see a messagein my e-amil that you need a call but can't find the message in signs 101. I am at home so shoot me your number, I will call.
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