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The Vector Doctor

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  • Hey Eric!
    It’s Al, The Lettering Guy (TLG). I have a customer that wants me to re-make a design that her late daughter did for her.
    All I have is this pic she sent.

    Have a look and let me know $$ if you can clean up for a vector file. Am using Gerber Advantage 6.0 (I know, prehistoric) lolol!



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    The Vector Doctor
    The Vector Doctor
    It is better to contact me via email since i don't login here often. Is this the only version they have? the reflection is making this a bit more work to produce. Also i don't know the fonts used so tracing every letter will definitely be much more expensive. art@vectordoctor.com
    Can I get an estimate to convert this to vector even if it's just the lettering? It was spray painted onto a box with a stencil so I don't need the box lines. Email is xcellsigns@gmail.com
    image_6487327 (1).JPG
    I have a file that I do not have the time right now to convert myself. Please email me at dave@flemingsignsandgraphics.com so I might send it to you for quote. Thanks
    Hi, Looks like a great service you provide, good to know. Will keep you in mind next time.
    Larry Burfield
    Ohio Sign Shop
    Bexley, OH
    Hello Dave here from Ohio Valley Awards I am in need of someone who can vectorize a photograph. We have an engraver that works off vectorized images imported as DXF files. I know it can be done because at one time we had an employee who was able to do this for us but she no longer work here and I do not know how to get hold of her. The new guy I have working now is clueless. Do you know how or could you point me in a direction?
    Say if I had something to be vectorized that would fall somewhere in your $16-$21 range, what a good rough estimate of your average turnaround time. I don't have a job for you right this instant, but I've heard good things and could have used you in the past but didn't know about you... just finding out for the next time I am in a pinch. Thanks
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