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  • Hello...can I get trade pricing for printed vinyl w/ laminate (not wrap vinyl), and also pricing for perf w/ and w/o laminate per sf? Thanks so much! Carol (A Graphic Difference Signs & Design)
    Hello Rick... I posted a short video of the printer in the recent forum with the first picture.... Just wanted someone to see it! We will be in production soon
    ... About the HP 9000 Printheads...
    Thank you too, Typestries.
    For how long could I expect these printheads to work?
    I've noticed HP 9000 is more "forgiving" in print quality when printheads are not at 100%, but I'd like to know if I'll get banding issues soon.
    The price is great, though.
    Hello from Boulder, CO! Do you guys make the cardboard cutouts of people (standee?) I have a cutomer request...


    Hi Rick,
    I went to your site..but didn't see a new member sign-up button.
    Is it on the front page somewhere?
    Tony McDonald
    hi Rick could I get a price on the new retractable banner stands thanks
    Rick, I am going to make sure you get the well deserved recognition for cutting and routing the HDU letters for me. I worked on that project for an entire summer finishing that sign. I believe it was at least 10 years ago. Thanks for the great work.
    Just checking in about the mouse pad printing. Is that the price trimmed also? With different designs, how much space would you need between each one? Thanks!

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