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  • Hi I was wondering if you can direct me to were I can get the heaters you used to convert the cj500. Also what other parts I need to change. Thank you my email is grlaz@comcast.net
    When you have time,{YA right} give this some consideration.
    I just wanted to chime in and let you know that we are currently discussing your idea. I will fill you in when I have more information. Thanks for the congrats and the suggestion.
    Hi I was wondering if you can help me with ICC profiles for CJ-500. Your printer looks great. Great idea. Did you buy your printer from Tom. I just met him and spoke with him on the phone. I was thinking to buy his printer few months ago. Can i call you on the phone. My number is 773 983 6765. I wanted to ask you few questions about the printer since mine is the same and I am using 11/10 inks also.
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