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Joe Diaz
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  • Hey Joe, Good to see you back on the board...as weird as it is now. Hope you'll check in more often and ignore those that need ignoring......
    very cool avatar joe! came to your page hoping to find a larger version or link, something that i could click to see the "Terminator" style detail. :(
    Awesome website Diazmedia.com Thanks for sharing, it's been a great experience, very inspirational. Did you go to school for this or did you learn it by means of hardknocks?
    Follow Up to first post.

    I would think that would be a win/win situation for the Merchant Members, as well as those of us that are premium contributors.
    Hopefully it would add a little extra revenue to Signs101 as well { more people signing up for premium membership, and more merchants taking out ad space?}. So perhaps there could be a three fold opportunity to improve our little community here at Signs101?

    When you have time,{YA right} give this some consideration. Thanks for stepping up to help Signs101. I am sure you have much to do, so I will sign off now.

    Good morning. I see that you are going to be the Midwest Rep for the MAC group.

    Although you and I have had a moment or two in the NHB area, I want you to be aware I will attempt to set any differences in that area aside for the betterment of "this" community. If I can help you in any way please feel free to reach out.
    One area I would like "us" to consider is banding together with one or two of the top supplier companies to perhaps negotiate prices for premium members of the Signs101 family.
    I know that we would have to be very careful to not enter into any discussions or agreements that might break current laws, but perhaps the purchasing power we can bring to the table will allow the cooperating Merchant Members to give reduced shipping rates or lower costs on equipment and consumables? Handled as a "regional" issue perhaps it might be able to be worked out?
    More to follow!
    Hi Joe,

    I have a friend that is writing his own book about the Doors and he wanted me to create his album cover with flames and Jim Morrison but I thought of you immediately. Can we talk a little? This is Deb from Rockford, IL area. Your mom and dad know me. Please send me your phone number at keeperofthecrafts@comcast.net

    It is a top secret project, however so it's still under wraps. The book is in its final stages. I've known this guy since the Doors era so we're really good friends.

    would love to chat, please say hit to Jane and Bill for me...thanks, Deb Fowler
    joe- Hey I'm a newbie when it comes to printing (I just love doing it) I have been following the thread about kawasaki green cmyk/rgb colors and I was looking at your color chart and I wanted to know how I caoul dmake one? Yeah it might be a dumb question but There is a guy that lets me use his sign shop and his printer (hp 8000) he really doesnt know anything about it outside his scope of printing banners. I want to print mx graphics but everytime I print they come out dull (though designed in rgb in AI cs3) I want to be able to do what ever it takes to get my colors to come out bright and vibrant and I really kliked your color charts. thanks in advance
    Hope Camtasia is what you were looking for! Look foreward to some of your tutorials when you get the time!
    I appreciate your current avatar. It states your position without bashing the opponent.
    Hey, I just noticed your article in the May/June SignCraft (I am catching up on the articles I missed during the busy season). Great work and thanks for the tips/inspiration!
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