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  • Hey Bill, I have no idea how to send you a private message, but I hope this works...You posted in my thread about that diner banner. Customer did decide to use vinyl on windows, could you tell me what vinyl would work for 2 months and be easy to remove? Also what does mullions mean, is that the framing on the window? THANKS for the pic that was very kind!
    Bill, hope all is well. As you most likely have noticed that I'm not on Signs101 very much any more reason I was transferred to our garment/composite division 4+ years ago. Why I'm reaching out to you is many years ago when Gerber came out with the Edge FX we made a deal with distributors that if they wanted we would trade Edge I/II foils for the FX. A vast majority of these foils were thrown out which I totally disagreed with. For my own testing purposes I grabbed a bunch of these foils. Well now I'm cleaning up and want to get rid of them. I'm thinking of moving and have started cleaning the place.

    If you are interested I can send you my list. I'm only reaching out to "local" sign guys as the shipping is "out of this world" and I would actually hand deliver.
    I'm looking for $20 for any new unopened foil and $5 for any opened. I just can't throw them out, I know someone can use them.

    So if you interested let me know.

    Hi Bill,

    I do believe Super Stock sign blanks are out of business.

    Your also proberly wondering what our association is with Carvagio? Well if you go to www.carvagiousa.com you'll see a contact link to Guild Designer Studios. We offer finished hand carved sign blanks for the many shops out there that do not offer this kind of service.

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