1324x damper changing instructions


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Good afternoon,

Anyone can provide me with exact detailed instructions on how to change the dampers on the 1324x correctly?

Do the dampers need to be primed with a syringe?

I have attempted to change dampers and used digiprint generic types but always I end up with missing nozzles. i have tried 5 sets and no luck. If the problem is the damper then as many members have saif that generic dampers do not work at all, I will purchase a set of original Mutoh dampers.

I would then like to follow the instruction manual exactly as the original Mutoh dampers are not cheap and I don't want to risk damaging them.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance!


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You have to rewove the head to replace solenoids (Mutoh calls dampers this). When removing the ink lines turn clockwise. Be very careful you don't drip ink into the cables or the head.
No don't prime them just do a little charge.


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Thanks for your response! As I said I have attempted it before by apparently its not my technique it is just the generic dampers that can't work for whatever reason...

A technical service manual would be appreciated also if anyone has it!