1962 studebaker golden hawk

Where can I buy a line drawing of the above make and model??
If you are an artist who wants to create from scratch please sent me an email..

Biker Scout

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I've seen printed art pieces of that car at the car shows. So, I'm guessing you can find it on FleaBay just fine. Also, look for original magazine ads or sales brochures. They almost always yield a painted version of the car during that era.

EDIT: Here's a good place to start: http://www.theavanti.com/smithsonian.htm


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Tony Teveris

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I own a 49 Stude and have a bunch of magazines with lots of picks. I will look for something this weekend if not sooner. If you need it in a rush let me know.


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heres a '57 (blueprint), essentially the same as a '62 with the exception of the rear fender tail fins and C pillar.
Additionally your searches may turn up more using "Gran Turismo" which is what many of the later model Hawks were called.

You might also search "Studebaker Drivers Club"(s) on the net. In your area it would most likely be the Tri-State club. Funny thing about Studebaker owners.....many of them are extremely helpful in assisting anyone interested in anything to do with "Studes".

.....Take it from a recovering Stude fiend.