30, 45, 60 degree blades?


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Read on another thread the suggestion to use a 60 degree blade to cut letters smaller than 3/8". Is that the only use for the 60? what is the 30 for, bigger letters?


Steve Prince

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30 for most vinyl, 60 for thicker vinyl like reflective, but you must recalibrate the offset when you go from one to the other.

30 degree will do fine on reflective but will wear it out fast. I keep a 30 degree in a seperate blade holder for reflective and only need to adjust how hard it hits and not spend time with the offset.



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never used a 30 for anything. 45 for most. 60 for thick and small letters. Some plotters require a diffrent holder as well.


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Years ago, most plotters came with a 30° blade and is used mostly now for thin materials like window tint. In recent years the 45° is the most universally used. 60° blades are indeed for thicker materials and small detail cutting. The 60° is becoming popular as well for reflective, chrome, and metalized vinyls because it stays down in the cut with less downforce.


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We have never used a 30° either... We use 45° for everything except reflective/metalized film. I do use the 45° to cut Oracal's 352 chrome with great results..!

(I think a lot has to do with guy named Ross that I get my blades from!)