3rd party inks from INMKED?


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Good luck!! Hope they warranty your heads, hope they offer fast tech support when they fail, hope you did alot of testing on all your different medias before you switched, hope you learn a valuable lesson in cost savings. Let us know how it goes

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I wouldn't trust ink from china. What you think you will be saving by getting cheaper inks could end up costing you more in the long run. I say don't do it.


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I do my own tech support, It is not all that difficult, they like you to believe it is!
Been working with a 3rd party ink from Spain for 3 years without any real problems, i changed the head once due to electrical currency problems but no cloghed heads.
The savings with that inks has been around 70% but still cost about 90€/L
But the chinese inks are really low cost, what i am really concerned with is not the machine, it is to produce the right colors, i have been testing around 3 different manufactures and so for non has been able to produce the right colours, which is crap. But i have heard Inkmed is different, i was wondering if someone has any experience of their inks. Even if i need to change my prin head once a month it would still save me loads of money...


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Good advice!
Just had a bad experience with Clearstar's Marajet inks...
A magenta cartridge didn't signal stop on my Roland 540v and ..
as a result didn't catch it until an 8ft banner had printed and the one head dried out.
Got that head printing again but now noticed the black is not functioning correctly. If you can't trust Marajets chips to operate correctly, you had better baby sit each print..or else you may be buying new heads...Big tradeoff for cheaper inks, huh???


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I print with a mutoh VJ 1604, what i do is that i buy Epson DX5 printhead for Waterbased inks (alot cheaper for some reason), after that i simply switch the plastic incapsulating the print heads.

If i buy the print heads in Europe, ill pay about 400€ for the epson heads.
If i buy excactly the same DX5 printheads but from a Mutoh dealer it costs 1300€.

Same head in China, 250€ inc freight. ( not tested )

Now, orignal Mutoh ink in 440ml cartrides costs 114€! That gives a price of 259€ per 1L.
The Ink i am currently use cost 100€/1L
But i still consume about 15L/month = 1500€/month
So, the Inkmed ink will cost me 20$/1L (17€) which leaves me with 255€/month

So in the unlikely event i have to change the head every month i would still save 845€/month or about 1000$ ( currecny exchange rate is just from the top of my head)

I find it more likely that i might have to change the head twice per year.
I would save about 14 400€/year.

So, the only important thing is that the colors come out right.