4 foot by 5 foot hanging sign? Too big?


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I have a customer that would like a double sided 5 foot wide by 4 foot long hanging sign made from HDU. This sounds a little large to me. Should I advise against it or full speed ahead? Anyone here do hanging signs this size?


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I don't have to install it just supply the sign with "tabs to hang it from". My gut feeling is "Yikes! That's one big a$$ hanging sign!" Am I just being over sensitive? I guess if a tab breaks I'm up the creek eh?


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Interior or exterior? On exterior signs we usually build a 1''x1'' sq. tube steel or aluminum frame and sandwich it between two HDU panels. The one attached has been up seven years approx. 42''x5':thumb:


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Is Ed Too Tall Jones, too tall? (sorry I couldn't resist, especially once you said it was an insurance company)



It can be done with a little planning. On it's own I wouldn't trust it but with some structural metal built into it yes. Also the design will dictate how that is going to be done.

Here's a complicated piece I did about that same size using a combination of welded steel, PVC and HDU.


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it been said, use 2 hdu panels, with a frame, you can also sandwich 3/4" mdo plywood
between 2 pieces of hdu... use both methods with great success, just depends on project