4x4 Real Estate sign


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Hey folks, I have a client wanting to suspend 4x4 2 sided signs from an a-frame style bracket (on the ground). It will be polymetal (or equivalent) and swing from the crossbar. I got the A-Frame designed up, but not sure what to use on the sign board itself. Any ideas or pictures for reference?


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having a swinging sign is a BAD idea, especially one that is a 48" x 48" size

Make a 4 sided frame, and mount between 2 posts
We would weld a steel frame out of angle


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I agree, bad idea. Just make a 4x4 Aframe with two faces and a cross bar on the bottom so it can be weighted


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We use a 4x4 wood pallet as a base and 2x4’s and 4x4’s to make a quick frame. Takes less than an hour to build and we always have enough pallets and scrap wood around the shop that we don’t even need to go out and buy material. put some sand bags on the pallet and it should stay put even in bad weather.