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50's diner font?


New Member
WHat is a good font for a sign for a 50's diner?

I have found Harlow Solid Italic, but am looking for something better.


Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Visit Leslie Cabarga's websites:
or www.flashfonts.com.

The fellow is one of my favorite type designers. And he totally rocks at making retro looking fonts. His Raceway, Neon Stream, Magneto and Rocket typefaces are awesome.

Leslie Cabarga has a number of books on type. I ordered "The Logo Font and Lettering Bible" direct from his website. You can get the book cheaper from Amazon, but if you order it from Cabarga's website he'll sign your copy.


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
I dig the Rocket and Streamline typeface on Flashfonts, The old Letterhead book he has is nice too.

House is obviously another foundry, as well as the mentioned Font Diner