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600dpi or 1200dpi


New Member
ok i hope im not opening a can of worms but here goes im looking at buying a roland pc60 or pc 600 i know all the bad press they have had so dont need advice on that what i would like to know weather the 600 with its 1200dbi is worth the extra money over the60 with its 600dbi how close do you have to be to tell the difference most of the jobs ill be doing will be small signs for motorcycles car windows and some truck doors i dont do large stuff like semi trailers billbords sides of buildings thanks for any help

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Anything intended to be viewed from further than arm's length is fine at the lower resolution. Items like labels, hardhat decals etc. that contain fine detail or small text will benefit from the higher rez.

Before you discount the need for labels and small decals, however, consider that there is a steady need for these kinds of products and that this is where the ColorCamm really is at its best. I don't know the price difference but would expect that you would recover it in a very short amount of time with the increased capability of the higher resolution model.

Bill Modzel

New Member
Ram199 said:
i know all the bad press they have had so dont need advice on that

I'll say it anyhow. You haven't read enough or you wouldn't even be considering one. Save up for a used Edge instead.

Mark L

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Bill is exactly right. Trust me 4 years having owned and used both machines the edge is far superior even for small decals you want to do.


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For the cost of an edge, you may want to start considering some of the newer large format inkjet printers. Versacamm, Mamiki, etc.

Mike Paul

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The dpi between the 2 machines sounds like a lot but if you look at a duplicate print from both machine you will have a hard time seeing any substantial difference in detail. I've had one in each hand and was quite surprised. Almost null.

The pc600 is faster and also has a ribbon saver feature.

If your work calls for color fades in the lettering you will have to lower your LPI substantially to eliminate banding in the gradient so dpi doesn't really matter.

Don't get fooled by it's 24in. print capability. These 2 machines are best for small short-run contour cut decals.
I produced some outstanding prints from my pc60 when I had it but also experienced the typical problems most have heard about.


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Has anyone considered doing a "Cost/Benefit" analysis between the two Colorcamms and Edge?


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thank you Mike Paul you answered my question i was afraid it would start the roland bashing all that i was really was after was the different between 600 dpi and 1200dpi.what iam going to be doing is small runs of 1 or 2 set of number plates for dirt bikes some dealers names and names on the side of grain trucks i dont think that justifys spending $12000 for a machine. iam not sure that i can justify $4000


New Member
Mike Paul said:
The machines are not made for the same type of use.
Are the PNC-60 and the PNC-600 designed for the same use? If so, has anyone done a "Cost/Benefit" analysis?

What I would want to know before putting any money down is how long it will take to recover the investment.


New Member
After having dealt with a PC600 for several years, it can reward you with some pretty good prints, but the machine is picky. For what you are doing though, everything else is pretty much overkill.

On a side note, we ran ZeroNine ribbons on our machine with only one ribbon break in over two years. You might want to check into them once you get your machine.