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A little warm today.

showcase 66

New Member
Not a great day for the AC to stop working in the truck today. Thermometer in the truck was at 115 and the one outside the shop in the shade was at 110. Glad I got the ac in the office fixed otherwise it would have been brutal today.


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showcase 66

New Member
I was in Lake Havasu when I took the pic. According to the reading at the shop, it was 106 here. A little warmer than usual around this time of year. Usually doesnt hit 101 or above until July. Historically, July 1st has been the hotest day of the year about 75% of the time.

Scott Reynolds

New Member
Ya, 107 here today. Too hot for June 1st. I just had the coolers in the shop tuned up about a month ago. Shop was nice and somewhat cool today. Lets see what happens when it hits 117. Thats when you start to sweat in places that you dont like to sweat in. :banghead:

I hate Vegas summers...