a new wrinkle on my laminator


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I have a Royal Sovereign 1400 Cold laminator, had it about 4 years now. Just recently is has begun to wrinkle longer runs, it will start off okay, but after a few feet all along the width of the roller the feed will begin to distort finally ending in creases.

I have tried adjusting the roll tension and adjusting the balance tension at either end with no good results.

Is this an aging roller issue or am I missing an adjustment?
also what kind of life can I expect out of a set of rollers?


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I have the RS1650 with no real issues other than operator error. Rollers should last virtually forever. Are you using a backer? What is the shop humidity? Same material? Lam tension? Backer tension?
One of the tricks I use when doing long prints is to put 2" masking tape on both sides of the leading edge. 2 layers on top, one on the bottom. Becomes quite rigid and flat. It also gives you a chance to reposition if necessary. Lam does not stick to masking tape. Knocked out 2 8'+ prints with nary a wiggle. Then did another 50', 5' at a time.

The following is pure speculation my part base on paper machinery I used to build:

May want to pull the covers and make sure nothing is wrong with the drives. Rollers should be slaved together. If one side is driven with the other along for the ride it may cause issues.


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Hmm humidity? My air conditioning may have some part to play, but I'm still sure its something mechanical. I'm using Oragard 210 lam on most things, great with a laminating machine not so good with a big squeegee. Plus I have two billboards to laminate in 4ft strips. Not looking forward to that.


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My first guess would have been heat and humidity to. Your rollers will last years as long as you don't put any gouges or slices in them.