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About this technique ( and font please)


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Hi all.
The header " Castro's".... Main text has a gradient.( not a problem)
The outline ( red and black) and drop shadow combined.
How ( what program does this?) Also notice the underscore below Castro is also outlined and dropped.
Any ideas on what the Castro font is??
Yes it's just a couple of small magnets signs to reproduce, but he also has a new truck coming and he seems to really want to stay with this one. I showed him something I thought was much nicer but, well...
Do you all find it quite a challenge to reproduce someone else's design such as this? I dont know the program used..font..etc...


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Fred Weiss

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The name of the font is Flamenco. You can see it and purchase it HERE.

Doing the effect is easy enough with most software (although you do not have your design software listed in your profile.

  1. Outline Red
  2. Outline Black
  3. Shadow Black Outline
  4. Delete Black Outline


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Thanks Fred and Mr.Tech
I'll update my profile to include that missing info.